Self-hosting isn't for me

I think I've 'grown up' a bit and have come to the conclusion that self hosting just isn't for me. As much as I like working on the "bare metal" part of hosting, it drains me way too quickly. At the end of the day, I just wanted to blog, I didn't need to waste my time setting up the server to do so.

While doing this, I'd also whine (to myself) about how I wish there were more types of content on Gemini. So much is tech-related, but I'd purposefully try to separate myself from the "too easy" options like or

So, that's what's led me to A simple publishing interface, and it's mirrored on the web. It's also on gopher, but that's a rabbithole I'm not quite ready to dive into (and probably is even further on the "tech posts only" side).

My next post will be about my plants, and hopefully I'll rarely post about tech in the future.

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