Potential COVID

As of yesterday I can't taste anything. We got tested today and will know for sure by tomorrow.

I'm not surprised to have caught it, the source of mine was also a breakthrough case. That reduced efficacy versus Delta really comes into light. I can't remember the exact number and I don't care to actually look it up, but even just going to 90% is a huge risk.

I've also been assuming that the number given about efficacy is "percent of people with the vaccine who will still get COVID ever". Another thing I don't care to actually look up, because I'm pretty sure the other options for it would be worse, like "percent of people who will get COVID from any individual contact".

Oh well!

For the fun parts of not having taste, I tried all the strong flavour things in the house. Here's a list:

I also gave into my base instincts and tried the wet cat food. Again, no taste, but the absolute worst texture I've ever felt. I do not recommend it, but my cats love it.

One of the first gemlogs I found was commie.space. Their last post was about them having COVID and not being able to taste anything. That was in January.


Here's hoping this won't be /my/ last gemlog!

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